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What is a Crossover?

A crossover, or vehicle crossing, is an area that connects a driveway or accessway of a property to the road. It lets vehicles safely cross over the curb and onto the street.

Crossovers are generally made of concrete and are designed to be durable and low-maintenance.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the common questions regarding crossover installation commonly attaching to Melbourne driveways.

Is a Crossover and Accessway the Same?

No, a crossover and an accessway aren’t the same. A crossover is a path that connects an accessway to the main road. Meanwhile, an accessway is an area that provides access to a certain part of a property. It can also be a driveway.

You can construct accessways using various materials like gravel, asphalt, and concrete. They can be used to allow bicycles, cars, or even pedestrians to pass through.

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Can I Add or Change an Existing Crossover?

Yes, you can add or change an existing crossover on your property. However, you’ll first need to secure a council planning permit before you can begin the job.

This application is going to be used by the Department of Transport and Planning for their assessment under Clause 52.29 based on the Victoria Planning Provisions.

Besides the planning permit, you’ll also have to get a vehicle crossing permit and/or road opening permit, depending on your type of project. Extra requirements or approvals will be needed if you plan to work on a Department of Transport and Planning arterial road.

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Do I Need a Permit to Build a Crossover in Melbourne?

Yes, you’ll need to get a permit to build a concrete crossover on your property. You can apply from your local council to get this document.

It’s best to contact a professional concrete crossover installation company if you’re unsure how all of this works. These experts know the ins and outs of installing new access to your property and can guide you in doing so.

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How Does the Government Assess Applications for New Access?

The Department of Transport and Planning has certain factors to consider when assessing new access applications. These include the following:

  • The way vehicles enter and exit a road
  • The proposed design for the crossover
  • Types of traffic and vehicles that will use it
  • Any existing road conditions
  • Any work that requires extra safety checks

The Department of Transport and Planning might add certain conditions to a planning permit to make sure the main road network remains efficient and safe.