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What Are the Most Common Types of Slabs

The most common types of slabs are slab-on-ground, suspended slab, and precast slab. A specific slab will highly depend on your project’s requirements. However, you also need to take into account the load-bearing capability of your soil and slab sizes.

At Melbourne Concrete Driveways, we suggest you consult with a professional concreter before choosing the slab for your project. We can guide you in selecting the best type of slab for your needs.

In this blog, we’ll expand more on the most prevalent types of slabs used these days.


A slab-on-ground is a type of concrete foundation widely used in construction. This method involves pouring concrete directly onto the ground, creating a solid and durable base for buildings. Expansion cuts are integral to this process, allowing for thermal movement.

Two common subtypes of slab-on-ground are the conventional slab and waffle pod slab.

Conventional Slab

The conventional slab, often a choice for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, involves a straightforward process of laying concrete over compacted soil and reinforcing it with steel. This technique ensures a strong, uniform foundation suitable for various ground conditions.

Its installation process is generally quicker compared to more complex systems.

Waffle Pod Slab

In contrast, the waffle pod slab utilises a grid of polystyrene pods as formwork for the concrete. This innovative approach provides enhanced insulation and is more resistant to ground movement.

It’s particularly beneficial in areas prone to soil expansion or contraction, offering a more stable base for structures.

Suspended Slab

Suspended Slabs are a common solution for creating floors and ceilings above the ground level. They are supported by walls, beams, or columns and are particularly useful in multi-storey buildings.

Most common types of slabs

This type of slab provides not only structural support but also allows for easy concealment of electrical and plumbing services. The versatility and strength of Suspended Slabs make them a popular choice in commercial and residential projects.

Precast Slab

Precast Slabs are manufactured offsite under controlled conditions, ensuring high quality and uniformity. Transported to the construction site, these slabs are quickly installed, significantly reducing on-site construction time. They are often used in rapid-build projects due to their efficiency and reliability.

The method also improves overall site safety by minimising the amount of wet work and formwork. Precast Slabs are a practical option for a wide range of applications, including floors in residential and commercial buildings.

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